Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Track Season Is In Full Swing.

Monday night Dustin had a home track meet. Dustin participates in the Long Jump, 3200 meter relay & the 200 yard dash. Dustin has found something that he not only enjoys doing but that he is GREAT at. He keeps getting better every year and it's so fun to go and watch him compete...Even if it does take FOREVER! I wasn't able to watch him last year due to when there meets start. They are all at 4:00 pm or 4:30pm so by the time I get out of work he is done with most of his events. I was so happy to be able to leave work a little early on Monday so that I could get some pictures and cheer him on. He is a great kid. He took 3rd place in the Long Jump.
His relay team got 2nd place. Here is Dad is cheering him on and he happened to look our way just as I took the picture.

He took 3rd place in the 200 yard dash as well. All in all it was a good day.

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