Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little of This and That

Sunday was Haley's 3rd birthday. Aunt Meme (that's me) & Uncle John bought her the little Dora doll that is on her cake and Nana made the cake. She did a great job and Haley loved her cake and doll!On Monday John and Gabe we to a local greenhouse for a field trip with Gabe's preschool class. All of the pictures that Gabe is not in were taken by Gabe. It was fun to see these pictures when I got home from work. Gabe has a very good eye and I love it when he takes the camera and takes pictures. He likes to take pictures of things not people.
He loved the flowers.
Our Happy Boy!
Planting the flowers that they got to bring home. Thanks for the great pictures John.

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  1. Fun, flowery, fotographic field trip. OK, so I spelled one word wrong in the name of making it sound poetic somehow. lol