Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tulip Festival Holland Michigan 2011

This was the first time that my mom or I have ever been to the Tulip Festival. Our day was absolutely beautiful. We had perfect weather, we went on a Monday so there were no crowds & we found 2 scrapbook stores to stop at along the way! What could be better?

We walked around and checked out some of the very cute shops, took lots of pictures of wonderful tulips. They just happen to be one of my favorite flowers so this was amazing to see. We ate lunch outside at the New Holland Brewing Restaurant & Pub. We had amazing hamburgers. After lunch we went and toured Windmill Island Gardens. Here they have the last windmill to ever leave the Netherlands.This is "DE ZWAAN" and a little history. De Zwaan is Dutch for "The Swan" or graceful bird. The mill is over 240 years old and is a grain mill. It was brought to Holland from the Netherlands in 1964. De Zwaan was the last windmill to leave the Netherlands. Dutch law now prohibits the sale of windmills, since they are now considered national monuments. If you go to Holland you can take a very interesting tour of this mill and find out all kinds on neat facts.This is my pretty mama on the fourth floor I believe of the mill. We were able to walk around and get some pictures while we were up there. And of course I couldn't do this post without posting a least a few of the wonderful flowers that we took pictures of.

These were just a few of the ones I liked the most.

Thanks for a great day Mom, I love it when we get to spend the day together like this, you are the best!

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