Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This year we decided to try something new. None of our kids have played T-Ball/Baseball before. This is my favorite sport so I asked Gabe if he would like to give it a try. Little did we know when we took him in to sign up that on our first year John would be the Manager/Coach & I would be an assistant. It's been both trying & fun all in one. I'm pretty sure there really isn't anything more funny than watching all of these boys running all over the field not knowing where to run or throw. We have played 5 games now and each time we see a little more improvement and Gabe seems to like it.

This is my cute little ball player #3Gabe with Coach Daddy Gabe has been very lucky to have several people come and watch him play & John and I have been very lucky to have some of those people help us out on the field as well.

This is Daddy helping Gabe get set up to bat.
Tony helping Gabe in the outfield.Gabe running to Mommy "the first base coach".

Grandpa Fuller helping out on Third. If I had to guess I'm pretty sure he is telling him that he has to pay attention and run!

Grandma Fuller, Dave, Kelly, Chelsey & Mr. Dale have all been to see him play so far.

This would be my silly boy hanging out in the dug out!

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  1. Wow Jammi,
    He's old enough for t-ball? It seems that he is growing up so quickly. He looks adorable in his t-ball gear.

    How have you been?