Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vacation Fun Part One

One of the things I love the most about my husband is that he likes to travel and get away as much as I do. I love that he takes the time to research everything and to make sure that everything that we want to do is taken care of. I also love that on many vacations we've been able to take my mom along with us. Since we live farther away from her than my brother and sister do, We don't get to spend much time with her. Having her come with us on these trips is a special treat not only for myself but for Gabe as well. I love watching the two of them together having fun.

Part One of our vacation was spending time with Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry at their home in Port St. Lucie Florida. We arrived around 7pm and I'm not sure which kid was more excited to get into the pool first Mom or Gabe! They didn't waste much time before getting their suits on and jumping in!
Nana & Gabe during their night swim

On Monday we did some shopping in the morning because is was raining but the clouds parted for a little while and we were able to do a little swimming in the afternoon. Gabe LOVES the water and swam almost that entire day even when it started raining. He was already wet so the rain drops didn't much matter to him.
This boy can do a cannon ball with the best of them.
Gabe, Mommy & Nana having fun in the pool, yes Mommy even got into the pool!
This kid makes me laugh like no other the above picture I'm sure will be a graduation board memory in a short 13 year. Below he is learning on to play Farkle and loved every minute of it.
On Tuesday Gabe & John went to see Mom and Dad Fuller's place in Florida and to spend the day with Mom Fuller. Grandma decided that since she was going to miss Gabe's birthday this year because they will still be in Florida that she would celebrate his birthday with him early while they were there visiting. Gabe loved everything that he got and also loved walking around and meeting all of Grandma and Grandpa's neighbors. Wednesday was my birthday and my cousin Michael surprised me and took us all to a really cool zoo. Since I LOVE zoo this was such a perfect way to spend my birthday. I had my two favorite guys with me and my mom. This zoo was amazing it was so fun to be able to get so close to the animals.They had an area where you could go in and feed the birds nectar as soon as you walked into the door the birds swarmed you and would sit right on you to get to the nectar. As you can see below Gabe was more than pleased with this part of the zoo. I think we could have stayed here all day and been happy.
After the zoo we all met back up at Aunt Jean's house and Aunt Jean, Uncle Larry, Michael, Susie, Emily, David, Mom, John, Gabe and I all went out for my birthday dinner. We had a great meal and Gabe made sure that EVERYONE there knew that it was my birthday! This was the best birthday that I have had in a long time and John kept saying that he wasn't sure how he was going to top this one. :)
Me with my sweet hubby
Me & my sweet boy
Me and My Mommy :)

On Thursday it was time to leave and head for part two of our vacation. Our CRUISE we were all very excited to get to that part of the vacation but before we boarded the boat we thought that we would stop at Coco Beach to get some shells and some photos!

I will try to post Part 2 The Cruise tomorrow!

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  1. What an amazing vacation so far. You guys know how to have fun, and your mom looks like the best grandma. Gabe sure is getting big and you and Jon look great! Can't wait to see part II. :-)

    Miss you,