Friday, February 17, 2012

Vacation Fun Part Two The Cruise

Part Two of our vacation was a 3 day cruise on the Carnival Sensation. This was the first time my mom or Gabe have been on a cruise. We had such a good time.

Gabe sitting in our ocean view window in our room.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip

I love watching his face every time something new came along. He was so excited and had this smile plastered on his face almost the entire time he was awake. This was our first towel creation on the first night.
My love and I on the formal night at dinner
My mom in all her glory I love that she was just able to relax and do what she wanted. I wish we would have had more sun for her to enjoy but she figures not having so much sun was God's way of protecting her because he knew that if we would have had sun everyday she would have been out in it everyday. :)
Gabe and Dad chillin' in the Hot Tub...haha

Gabe and John had an ice cream eating contest while we were on the ship to see which one could eat the most ice cream cones while on the ship. Gabe won with eating 13 ice cream cones in 3 days!! Dad came in with 9 or 10 I can't remember for sure. This picture is Gabe with ice cream #9

Our port for this cruise was Nassau Bahama. We were blessed with lost of sun this day and decided to take advantage of his and go to the beach. The water was to cold for my liking so Gabe and John went for a swim while my mom and I hung out on the beach people watching and WOW did we have the people to watch. All I have to say is Mirrors people, mirrors!
Nana & Gabe at dinner our last night on the ship
Gabe & Mommy :) Getting into some of the pictures is another reason that I love having my mom with us. She always makes sure to take the camera from me so that I can actually have proof that I too was on this vacation.
Gabe & Daddy these two are such goof balls with each other and boy does this boy love his daddy.
Gabe standing outside of our ship in Nassau.
Gabe and Daddy playing the drums in Nassau. For a "tip" you could go up and play the drums with these guys. Gabe liked this part a lot. I let dad do this with him because there was no way I was putting on those hats! Yuck!
Gabe at the Water Works slides on our boat. He spent a lot of time here and had lots of fun.
On the boat heading back to Florida we went from sun and 80 to rain and 39 degrees once we arrived in Florida. It was quit a shock that we were really not prepared for but we survived.
John has been looking at another cruise already but next time we want to take a bunch of people with us. It is more fun when there are more people with you. So if cruising is something that might interest you let us know and we will get you info for the next time! :) This is the best way to have a vacation ever, John and I are hooked for life!


  1. We love cruising. We've been only on 2, but that was enough to make us want to go on more. We brought the kids with us on the 2nd cruise and they fell in love with it. They talk about that vacation a LOT! They keep asking us to take them on another, but you do the math. Seven X _____? hehehe

    Your trip looks like it was fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Jammi,

    Where have you been? Get back here to blog, girlfriend. You're so good at it. :) Just thought I'd stop by to encourage you.