Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Eve Wedding

We were blessed to be a part of an amazing wedding on New Year's Eve. Gabe was the ring bear for Chelsey Downs & Hector Sanchez wedding. Chelsey is the middle daughter of Dave & Kelly Downs and this was the second time that he has been a ring bear. He was also in Chelsey's older sister Ashley's wedding. Gabe has become a know fixture in the Downs house and isn't just a little kid from the Church he is family if you ask them. The love they have for our son is unlike no other. He is a little brother that the girls never had and they make sure that he know how special he is every chance they get.
This is my little man all dressed and ready to do his part.
Gabe giving the flowers that he bought for Chelsey with his own money to her. He was so proud. I love that even though you can't see his face you can tell that he is smiling from ear to ear. This was totally his idea.
Gabe with his Princess Chelsey. The bond that he has with all three of these girls is so amazing. He loves all of them so much and I think that this picture shows it all. He just stood there for the longest time looking at her in the mirror.
This is Juliana he hopes to marry her some day if you ask him this is the second time they have been in a wedding together. She is Kelly's niece and it's kind of funny to think that if he did marry her someday that he would finally legally be apart of the Downs/Murphy family :)
The bride and groom

Getting ready for the bride and groom to leave for the night. This was so fun.

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