Thursday, December 2, 2010


There are several traditions that we have so far this year we've done two of the main ones. First is my favorite putting up the trees. Yes you read that right I said trees, not tree. We have four trees in our house. Two of the four are pictured below. I have put a tree in Gabe's room since he was born and each year he gets new little ornaments to add to it. He loves it when the tree is in his room. The second tree is the "main" tree where the presents from Santa go(it is also pictured below) This tree has first Christmas ornaments on it and other special ornaments that we've gotten from family. The Third Tree is my "Snowman" tree and it only get ornaments of Snowmen on it and I put it in the Dinning Room and finally the last tree is on our landing going upstairs and this tree is "The Kid" tree. It has the ornaments that the kids have made at school or ornaments of their special interest

Another tradition that we done almost every year is attending the Marshall Christmas Parade. This Parade has always been my favorite and I love taking my son to it now. Each year we try to meet up or take new friends with us and this year we took Chelsey and Hector with us and met the Moody's there.

Gabe with the Moody Boys!

Daddy, Mommy & Gabe ready for the parade to start!
Hector, Chelsey & Gabe.

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