Monday, December 13, 2010

Fast As Fast Can Be You Can't Catch Me!

Friday was my day to help in Gabe's classroom. Oh how happy I was that it was my day to help on Gingerbread Man Day! We had SO much fun with the kids and I learned that my son likes gingerbread cookies.

The first thing I got to do was mix everything together.
Mrs. Frakes formed our Gingerbread "Boy"And then each child got to come back and add some yummy candy to the Gingerbread Boy. I was so glad that Gabe isn't a child that has to be a me first kind of kid. He waited until everyone else at his table had gone which left just him and I so I was able to get some shots of just him!I think he is happy with his selections and we are now ready to take him down to the oven. In the oven it goes.Cooking time is done. Time to go and pick him up.Oh NO! He isn't where I left him!!! Ladies did you check on him while he was cooking??? Oh no I forgot to tell them not to open the door until his was all finished cooking. Now we must go and find him. He left us some clues along the way they took us too....The Gym..but he was already gone,The Library but nope we were too late so we had to go to....The Music Room, still not fast enough we are off too....The computer lab but we STILL couldn't catch up to him.Finally that Gingerbread boy was caught running in the halls by the principle Mr. Szabla! We promised to take him back to our room and eat him all up so that he couldn't run away again!!!What a fun day!

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