Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kempton Thanksgiving

Family time with the Kempton's is always fun. This year we had Thanksgiving at my sister Jennifer's house. The Kempton crew keeps growing and it's so much fun when we are together. This year Gabe's teacher sent home a little "play" to do on Thanksgiving for fun. With the help of his cousins it was a big hit! The one thing I love most about this family is everyone is game. Most of these cousins are in their 20's but they were still willing to help little Gabe out with his show. They had us laughing so hard and this was for me the best part of Thanksgiving, well except for the deep fried Turkey that Uncle Dan made....OH MY WORD....To dye for!I'm not sure how it is in your house but in our Thanksgiving isn't complete until Papa falls asleep. This is for sure how to measure a great Thanksgiving Day!

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