Thursday, November 11, 2010


I titled this post as Nothing. Not that there has been nothing going on in our lives but for once things are calm and I feel like we aren't running like mad people from one place to the other. The last two weeks have been so nice to actually have days on the calendar where there was nothing going on. This week I had some friends over for a Tastefully Simple Party and we had a great time talking and hanging out, my husband was able to do a little more work on our Kitchen/Bathroom remodel project which has been going on since May so seeing some progress being made there this past weekend made my heart sing (I'm a very simple person!). Gabe had another great appointment with his lung specialist which we are so thankful for. But perhaps the funniest part of this week was that very appointment for Gabe, he had to get a shot, now before you tell there isn't anything funny about that keep reading, when we were done with the appointment he called his friend Kelly to tell her that he had to get a shot. She asked him what kind of a shot and he told her that he had to have a "flea" shot instead of a "flu" shot. This was extremely funny to us because this year we had a terrible problem with our dog having fleas and Kelly knew this so she said to me after she was talking with Gabe wow I knew you were having flea problems but I didn't realize that it was this serious!!! Now of course she was kidding but we all found it very amusing. Ahhhhh, the things a 5 year old says.

If you can believe it I actually have no photos to post as I haven't taken any since Halloween. But the next time I post I will have all kinds to share with you this weekend will be a very full weekend with the Kalamazoo Holiday Parade (Dustin's band will be marching, don't miss it they are FANTASTIC) & our niece Karis' birthday party is a Roller Skating Party that same day so I'm sure I will have lots to take there.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


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