Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year like always we enjoy doing many Halloween activities. On October 24 our church held their annual Trunk or Treat and I thought this year we would do a Hawaii theme in honor of John's Grandma. When she passed away in July we were given the Moo Moo's that they bought when they went to Hawaii. She knew that we want to go there for our 10th anniversary and wanted us to wear them on our trip too. Anyway getting off track back to Trunk or Treat. This is John and I with our car decorated.
Jordon has wanted Gabe to be Yoda since the day he was born and this year I decided to give in. So below Gabe is with a family that attends our church. He just happened to fit right into there theme!The next event was Gabe's Halloween Party at School. The kids had fun walking through a couple of the other classes to show off their costumes. We played lots of games and had lots of good snacks. As you can see he even had a few Star Wars character in his class too! Finally it was Halloween. Our lives have be so busy this year that I almost didn't think that we were going to get pumpkin carving in which to be honest would have broken my heart more than it would have Gabe's. You know you are too busy when you have to resort to buying your pumpkins at Wal-Mart!!!!! Sadly it's true that is where they came from. But on Halloween afternoon Gabe and I sat down and got the job done. I LOVE watching him do this because he hates gutting out the pumpkin and makes the funniest faces and sounds as he works on it. The smile you see here is totally forced by mom saying "Give me a smile Gabe".
But in the end both of our pumpkins turned out great and my little Yoda was dressed and ready to hit up the neighbors for some candy!! I will say however from this year on there will NEVER be another costume with a mask. He hated it and would not wear it. This is Yoda with the pumpkin that he carved.
And this was the one that Mommy did.
We started trick or treating right at 5 when it started so that we would be back home before it got dark and so that we could come back home and hand out some candy too. He loves to hand out the candy almost more than he likes to go around and get it.
Another Halloween in the book.
Happy Halloween All!

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