Thursday, June 7, 2012

Open House

Can't have a graduation without an Open House. We had Jordon's Open House the day before Graduation. He had a good turn out and enjoyed seeing many family and friends. 

This is Jordon with the cake that I made for him. 

Jordon with the boards that his mom put together and ones that I put together. 

John's Mom makes each of the kids a quilt when they graduate and just like Tony's, Jordon's quilt was amazing. The stars on the quilt have every play that he has been in, the part that he had and the year he was in it. This quilt will hold many memories for him for many years to come. 

Dad & Jordon

Jordon & Jammi

John, Jordon and Gabe
Thank you to all of our families and friends who came to support all of us. Having you all there to celebrate Jordon was great!

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  1. Happy graduation to Jordan! Great cake Jammi and I love the quilt his Grandma made. I'm a quilter and I plan on making t-shirt quilts for my kiddos. :)