Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jordon Rock Fuller Class of 2012

This past weekend we had the pleasure of watching another one of our children walk across the football field and receive his diploma, wow what a joy. As we sat there, watched and waited for his name to be called the memories that flooded my mind are amazing. I had hardly wrap my mind around the fact that in a few short months I will have been a part of these kids lives for 10 years. Where that time has gone I have no idea but the memories, photos and times that we have shared are all very sharp in my mind. 
For him this was a day that he probably never thought would get here and for us it was a reminder of just how fast time goes by.  

 It goes with out saying that we are more than a little proud of his accomplishment, and that we are more than just proud of him.

 The next steps for him he is a little unsure of  but, we know that God knows exactly where he is going to end up and what he will be doing without any doubts.  He plans to take classes at KVCC to start and then hopes to be able to follow his dreams in becoming an actor. 
Jordon we are proud of what you have done and look forward to seeing where you go from here.

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  1. Congratulations again. :) Boy, time really does fly by. Austin will be graduating in a couple of years, but once that happens every 2 years I will have another graduate. I know it's similar in your home, too.