Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Last night I took Gabe out school shopping & to dinner. While at dinner I asked him how he felt about last night being the last day of summer break and this was the face I got! We have had SO much fun this summer that none of us are ready for summer to be over.
My big 1st Grader. I thought the first day of Kindergarten was bad. 1st grade was So much worse. 1st grade means that they get to keep my baby all day long. I no longer have a little playmate with me in the mornings :( So many mom's are always ready for school to start and I'm not so much like that. I love our summer routine and miss it when school starts.                                 
 First Grade!
 Gabe's teacher this year is Mrs. Treat. Now try and say that a few times with your two front teeth missing. We've had lots of fun practicing and listening to him say it. But oh how I love this little toothless grin.

 He had to make sure that I took a picture with him and his pets on his first day of school. The cat was pretty easy the dog on the other hand did not want to have his picture taken and was crazy excited this morning. After several attempts this was as good as it gets.
 Heading to the car. You know you take way to many pictures of your child when he says "Hey mom get a picture of this".

Our annual picture out front of the school with the school sign. I can't wait to look back at these when he is in 5th grade!

 My baby at his first desk. He looks so small behind that desk. But was pretty excited about it. He couldn't help but take a little peek inside just after I took this picture.
 Knock'em dead little man.

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  1. 1st grade? Nuh-uh. I can't believe it. Have a great year, Gabe.