Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Fun Continues

This summer has been the first time since we got our pool that I have truly enjoyed it. With the warm weather that we have had the pool has warmed up nicely and has been great to play in. We've had lots of friends over so far this summer to swim and have just enjoyed it as a family.
Here are a few of my favorite pool pictures from the summer.

Gabe taking a break from swimming to flash mommy that great toothless smile.

Dustin, Tony, Abby, Shenira & John messing around with a little game of monkey in the middle

Tony still likes to get the best of his "old man" but Dad still has it!
Love this shot of Shenira. She and John were throwing water toys back and forth and he got her good in this one.

I Can FLY!

Jordon even got in on the fun which is very unlike him. He is a little like me when it comes to the pool and the water has to be really nice before either of us will go in.

We had a play date with Ella, we love having her when her mom and dad aren't around because she becomes a little chatter box. When mom & dad are around she pretends to be shy. This was such a fun play date.

Kelly's nephew Parker came for a family reunion and came over one night to swim while the rest of the family were going to go shopping. Gabe and Parker had a ton of fun. Our friends The Butcher have also been to swim this year, but I of all people forgot to take pictures! There mom came with them and we had to much fun talking and catching up to be bothered with pictures :)

My niece Haley came to spend the night with us for the first time this summer. We had so much fun with her. We went to ILNC Snack Bar for Ice Cream and a snack, then after the rain had finished we took them to the park to play and then they decided that they should play in a mud puddle on the way home. When they look at cute as this how could you possibly stop them? They were already so wet and muddy from the park equipment that this actually helped clean them up a bit. They were in heaven.

We got a little bit of swimming in with her time with us. She & Gabe are both little water bugs. But at last it was time for bed and I got a thumbs up. So I guess she had fun!

We celebrated a very special person's 50th birthday which was a bit of a surprise.

As you can tell Gabe REALLY enjoyed pulling off this surprise for his best friend! What a great night.
We've been able to make it to the beach twice this year which in it's self is amazing. The second trip John thought that we should go ahead and get Jordon's Senior Pictures taken. I took him out on his favorite ship that docks in South Haven. For $12.00 we were able to get onto the boat and I was able to get some really good shots of him.

These are just a couple shots that I took that day. It's so hard to believe that we have one more that is going to Graduate this year. They sure do grow up fast.

This is Gabe with the ship that we took Jordon's pictures on behind him. We really enjoyed using the In Laws boat this summer but the boating bug has once again bit my husband and he can not wait until we can get another boat of our own.

This summer has found some of us learning how to play and new game, Disc Golf. My brother and dad have gotten into this a lot and we have a course at ILNC so Josh will come up and play every now and then with John. It's been a lot of fun seeing more of my brother this summer.

So much fun in fact that we all decided to take the kids to Michigan Adventure. What a great day. Josh, Ethan, Darci, Mom, Dad, Hayden, Harrison, Josh's friend Paul, John, Tony, Abby, Shenira, Gabe and I went for the entire day and had SO much fun. Gabe struggled a little because all of his cousins could ride a lot of the big rides and he couldn't because he was to short. Even Ethan who is 6 months younger than him could ride and he just couldn't understand why if he was older than Ethan why couldn't he ride the rides.

This is Josh & Ethan with Snoopy

The two kids in the very front are Ethan & Harrison. Those boys weren't afraid of anything and LOVED the coaster!

Front row of this one is Josh and Hayden

Shenira, John, Gabe, Harrison, My Dad & I had to go on the bumper cars. I love bumper cars you just can't go on them and not smile.

Aunt Meme and Bubba. I love this kid, he is so quite and very sweet.

We have attend yet another successful Bornor Reunion. Numbers were a little down this year than in years past but we still had such a great time. Our kids talk about this reunion for an entire year and once it's over they can't wait until next year. It's very weird being there and not having Grandma GG and many of her other siblings that have passed away there but they have found such great ways to remember and keep them with us. The new family cook off that was started last year continued this year and was a success once again.

We had a bridal shower for my cousin Kendra this past weekend at my mom's house and while we were there I needed a few pictures with my mom and Grandma. My Aunt Denise bought me a great frame while we were out there on vacation and I've been dying to get picture for it and this was the perfect time to do just that. It's a generation picture frame and I needed one of the three of us together.

We still have a few things left before the summer is over like Dustin's 16th birthday (yes I said 16, we now have 3 of the 5 that are driving), a Kempton Family get together at Aunt Debbie & Uncle Carl's house and of course you can't finish a summer with out the annual Family Garage Sales in Tekonsha at Nana's house! I hope all of your summers are going well and that you have been able to enjoy yourselves as much as we have. I love my family and the time I get to spend with them wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. What a great summer you've had! I didn't realize you guys got a pool. Aren't they so much fun? And Jordan has changed so much. What a handsome dude.