Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Florida Vacation

John's parents gave us there Time Share to use this year as a Christmas gift. So on December 16 at 10:30pm we started our long drive to Florida with 3 Adults and 5 Kids. What a terrific trip we had. The best part of the trip for me was that my Mom got to come with us. This is pretty much how our trip went.

Day One December 17th, Shenira and Gabe couldn't wait to take a bath in the big tub. With swim suits on they both hopped in and had a great time.After the bath each kid had one Christmas gift to open from John & I (their gift from us were tickets for the older kids to go to Island of Adventure with John and for Gabe it was a ticket to go to Sea World with Nana and Mommy).
After gifts were opened it was off to the pool. It was to cold if you ask me but Daddy said that it was okay so Mommy let him go in and swim with them and I took pictures while I was all bundled up!
Day Two: It rained all day today so we rented movies and decided to play Minute to Win It Games. This was so much fun. Dustin was able to get two of three golf balls to balance on top of each other and was the only one to do it out of all eight of us!
Day Three we headed to Michael's house in Port St. Lucie. It was so nice to hang out. Aunt Jean had a nice lunch ready for us when we got there. We had lunch sat around and talk for awhile and the kids had fun tossing the football around in the back yard.
On our way back to Orlando we stopped at Cocoa Beach to get some shells from the beach to take home. It was SO cold and we were NOT dressed to be out on the beach at all! But we got the shells we were looking for and got back into the car to warm up. We had to stop and buy Gabe a sweat shirt before we could even go down to the beach.

Daddy found a hermit crab on the beach that everyone had to check out. It was so cold that the poor thing was dead.

Day Four: Nana, Gabe and Mommy's first day at Sea World!!! Oh my word did we have so much fun. This was probably the best part of the trip for me. It was so nice to have my Mom all to myself and Gabe. Our first stop was to the Blue Horizon show it is the BEST and still my favorite show at Sea World.

After the Blue Horizon show we went over to feed the Dolphins. This was SO cool and so much better than the last time I had done this. We had a great spot and Dolphins were every where. Gabe loved petting them.

The under ground viewing for the dolphins.

Next it was time for the Clyde and Seamore show. This is one show that you don't ever want to show up late for but sure is fun if you show up early!

Mommy & Gabe checking out the SHARKS!!!!

Gabe, Mommy & Nana with the Manatee's

Amy I had to put this picture in here just for you! Right before this picture we had a group of young Chinese kids ask us if we would take there pictures and of course all of the boys were making the peace sign. So the very next picture I took of Gabe he had to do it too. Reminded me of Ty!

Mommy and Gabe on the Shamu roller coaster. I don't like roller coasters at all but this one was okay and Gabe loved it.

Last show of the night for us was Shamu. This was still cool, but not as cool now that the trainers don't swim with them.

Day Five: Back at Sea World for our second day. We went to several more shows today and stayed until the park closed. We watched the Winter Wonderland on Ice show tonight while we waiting for the fire works after such a long day Gabe fell asleep before the Ice show or the fire works started and sleep during both things. It was nice during the day but sure did cool off as soon as the sun went down.

Day Five: John also took the older kids to Island of Adventure. They were able to ride the new Harry Potter ride and many other things and all had a great time spending time with just their dad.

Day Six took us to Downtown Disney where we did our normal try on all of the funny hats that we could find. I think this is a great look for my husband!

Gabe was also able to see Santa in shorts again which I love. Not every Michigan kid can have his picture taken with Santa in Shorts!

Day Six also took us back to the Time Share to enjoy the sun and pool. It was a little chili because of the wind but very nice and sunny. A great time was had by all swimming.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.
Dustin, Gabe and Shenira.

Sissy and Daddy

Gabe and Mommy

Day Seven: Our last day in Florida we started off to go and play around of Miniature Golf until we got there and found out that it was going to cost $76.00 for us to play. We quickly decided that was crazy and that we were NOT going to play. So we went to Shell World go more seashells and headed back to the Time Share to eat lunch and pack up to start our long drive back home. This is Gabe being silly in the car about an two hours before we got home. I have to tell you that this was the best car ride I've ever been on. Not once did our kids fight you almost didn't even know that we had kids in the car with us. We are so very blessed.

Thank you to Mom and Dad Fuller for the use of the time share and to my mom for coming with us. It truly was a great trip!

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