Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Running Away

Yesterday Gabe and I were having a few moments. We were at a store yesterday and he was miss behaving badly and I explained to him as we walked out of the store that the reason that I always put him into a cart is because of the way that he had behaved just then in the store. This evidently hurt his feels VERY much and once I dropped him off at my friends house he started to formulate his plan to move out of our house! After John picked him up Gabe informed him that he would be moving out and going to live with Kelly. So John told him that he could take with him anything that he bought. Below is the bag that he packed with and I'm not kidding EVERYTHING that was in his dresser & more! Now today this is funny last night this was NOT funny to me and after talking with him for a while he came to the conclusion that he would be better off at our home and that he would miss his Mommy & Daddy very much. But this didn't happen before he told his dad that they should get rid of me! Oh yeah he was totally determined. This is one of his empty dresser drawersHis bookshelf after he took the books that he thought that he couldn't live without. This is Mommy & Gabe after we had made up and he decided that having me for a Mommy isn't so bad after all. There were many teachable things in what happened last night and I'm not sure if he really got it or not but I'm sure we will see. Sleeping soundly in his bed exactly where he should be. Yesterday ended our three weeks of summer time with John's four older kids and as much as Gabe's love his brothers and sister it's a very hard transition for him to go from having Mommy & Daddy all to himself to having to share us and we struggle with the kids and how they treat him. The age difference are very hard for them to understand and most times they end up not being very nice to him. As I've said before there is NEVER a dull moment in the Fuller home.

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  1. Aw, it sounds like you had some great teachable moments with him. I know it was difficult to go through that being his mommy. I'm glad you guys saw things through to a happy place.