Monday, August 30, 2010

Class of 2011 Senior Picnic

Saturday we went to Tony's Senior Picnic. This was a great event to kick off the school year. They had 65 + kids that came. Some came after the picture had been taken. Par of the Class of 2011Tony with his girlfriend Abby
Tony & Dad They had two games for the kids to play an egg toss & pass the life saver from one tooth pick to another. They had a blast with the egg toss but weren't so sure about the life saver game!
Tony & Abby do the life saver pass.

After the games Tony thought Abby looked a little hot so here he is being the "nice" boyfriend that he is "helping" her cool off! Lucky for him she is a good sport.

He also thought that he dad was looking a little warm too and tried to do the same to him but unfortunately for him Dad can still take him!

This is going to be a fun year for him and this picnic was a great way to start it off. We are so proud of him and the way that he challenges himself.

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