Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Las Vegas

A few weeks ago my husband & I went on a very much needed vacation. Just the two of us. We did this last year and had such a great time that we hope to make it a yearly event. It just so happened to work out that we once again got our chance again just a few weeks ago. John's sister got married in Las Vegas on the 26th of March so John and I headed out to Las Vegas! We spent 5 days there and had a great time. My husband being the funny man that he is told Gabe that he wanted a picture of us smiling and him frowning because he didn't get to go with us. He was very happy to help with that picture. Welcome t Fabulous Las Vegas!!!! Nothing better than Chocolate right??? John and I aren't much into the party sence or gambling so we had a great time checking out the M&M Store and all of the hotels. Our hotel had this great aquarium just as you walked in the front door. We spent a lot of time watching all of the different fish they had. Everytime we would stop to watch we would see a fish that we hadn't seen before. This was also the only spot that we could get an internet connection!One of our days there we rented a car and went to Hoover Dam and Ethels Chocolate Factory. Hoover Dam was amazing to see and very interesting to learn the history of it. Our weathe was a little chilly but it wasn't bad. Almost perfect for being out and walking so much. Getting ready to tour the Chocolate Factory. This was so neat to watch and at the end we even got to have a taste! Yumm.....So good.John and I all dressed up for his sisters wedding. They had a nice ceremony and the location was very pretty. I love it when John wears a tie and we are able to dress up and go out.The best part of the trip (besides having my husband all to myself) was walking through and outside of Bellagio. Oh how I would love to stay there someday. This is us outside where they do the fountain show, which we were able to go and see at night very cool. This is from a butterfly house that was inside of Bellagio I was so amazed by all of the different butterflies.
So if you love chocolate is there anything better than it falling from the sky??? Oh my word! This was so cool to watch. Tulips are my favorite flower and they were all over inside Bellagio I was in total heaven. If you look real close you will see me in this picture the Tower is so big that I get lost in the picture. This was very pretty both in the day and at night.Couldn't resist getting one more shot of the two of us on our last day there.

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