Wednesday, June 23, 2010

John's Birthday & Father's Day

Sunday wasn't just Father's Day at our house it was also John's Birthday! Anyone that knows me knows that Birthday's in our house are a big day. It's one of the few days in the year that you get to do whatever you want....almost.John's pick of the day today was to spend the day at his parents house on the lake. John's Mom and Dad made a yummy lunch for all of us, John opened his Father's Day gifts and then it was time to relax down by the lake.
Daddy with the whole gang before we headed down to the lake. Gabe loves riding the jet ski and I'm pretty sure that Grandpa loves giving the rides just as much. They always have lots of fun at the lake.

We've been a little creative with our candles this year. Using what we have. For Shenira's birthday we use a number 5 candle & then added 7 individual ones to equal 12. For John's is was 5 number 5 candles an 8 and a 1 to equal 39. Next year he will be the big 40 and you can bet there will be a big party then.

After playing at the lake they still hadn't had enough swimming so it was off to the pool, to which I still haven't been in yet this year. We've had it for 4 years now and I think I've been in it maybe 4 times. It's SO COLD I can't stand it.

After swimming we had a campfire in the back yard, S'mores & a little lighting bug catching! All in all it was a pretty great day.
Can you tell how much he loves my active camera taking!!! :)
Happy Father's Day & Birthday honey. I love you!

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